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TC - Club - Despre TC Club - Reinnoire taxa membru 2011
Despre TC Club

Clubul de afaceri
Sloven - Roman
Splaiul Unirii, Nr. 12,
Bl. B6, Sc. 3, Et 5, Ap 91, Sector 4, București

Reinnoire taxa membru 2011

Dear,  TC-club Members!


It is time to renew your membership investment in the Triglav Carpati – Slovenian Romanian business club . On behalf of the Board of TC Club, THANK YOU for your support and continuing participation.


Your renewal is VITAL to accomplish the many important activities provided through the Club, renewals ARE VITAL to our success!


Membership of the Triglav Carpati business club is open to Slovenian and other companies with existing and potential interests in the region and to Romanian Companies.


Your club is actively involved in range of business events, lobbiying on legislative matters to your concerns, and providing a coordinating point for community information.


Events organized by club are also co-financed by Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Slovenia through JAPTI –Public Agency of the Rebublic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investment and sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bucharest.


If you have any questions about the renewals process or anything else, please review the MEMBERSHIP- Services specification at our web: or email us at:  or 


Renew your membership today!
Thank you,


Triglav Carpati
Slovenian Romanian business club


If you wish to renew membership or become our new member please click on membership