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Sloven - Roman
Splaiul Unirii, Nr. 12,
Bl. B6, Sc. 3, Et 5, Ap 91, Sector 4, București


Acting as the implementation institution of the Ministry of the Economy, at JAPTI we take up and pursue our activities within the framework of two divisions:


- the division responsible for entrepreneurship,
- the division for foreign direct investments, internationalisation and representative offices of Slovenian economy abroad.

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Ministry of the Economy

Areas of Work

The legislative amendment of 2004 expanded the area of responsibility covered by the Ministry of the Economy. It is now divided into five directorates, covering:

• entrepreneurship and competitiveness,
• foreign economic relations,
• tourism,
• internal market and
• energy.

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SAI Zepter SA

SAI ZEPTER S.A. administreaza in prezent 3 fonduri deschise de investitii precum si portofolii individuale de investitii conform mandatului dat de investitori. Fondurile deschise de investitii fac parte din categoria Organismelor de Plasament Colectiv in Valori Mobiliare, care atrag in mod public resurse financiare de la persoane fizice si juridice printr-o oferta publica continua si care se supune  regulilor de prudentialitate si conduita cuprinse in Legea 297/2004, Regulamentul nr. 15/2004, precum si in celelalte reglementari legale in vigoare aplicabile.


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Bolgarian Broker

Our mission is to build bridges of professional, innovative and modern communication among our partners and customers. We aim to provide the most optimal portfolio of financial and insurance (risk) product’s to each of our customers individually. We observe customer needs and provide optimal products and services in most suitable way of communication. We build continually on our reputation for quality, innovative services and communication channels based on excellent delivery to meet customer needs.

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